There are a variety of different ways that you can build a website. Some of these ways are archaic these days, such as writing code, but the most common way to build a website is to use a Content Management System, or CMS, to make the job a little easier. Essentially, a CMS is a website software, and one of the most popular to use is WordPress.

Big Names, Big Reputation
WordPress has a reputation for being powerful and reliable. This is evidenced in a “show, not tell” sort of format – you can clearly see some of the biggest names on the web use them. Examples of big names that use WordPress include the following:

  • The New York Times
  • CNN
  • Forbes
  • Beyonce
  • Time
  • Techcrunch
  • and many more

WordPress is Dominating the Website World
More than half of the world’s websites built using CMS are built on WordPress. The second most used CMS is Joomla at roughly 15% – this is a pretty big disconnect that proves that WordPress is pretty much the undisputed king of the CMS world. This is mostly due to the fact that WordPress inspires confidence – it rarely lets its users down – in addition to offering versatility, allowing you to scale the website up or down depending on your needs. WordPress is also set to be around for a long time, giving your website design longevity.

Some of the Best Things in Life Are Free
WordPress software is open source, meaning that it’s given to you for free, and once you install your site on your webhost, it is truly and completely yours. In addition to this, WordPress has a highly active community of creators that want to make WordPress even better for all of its users, extending its capabilities and allowing you to build bigger and better websites. One way to think of these tools is that they’re kind of like applications on your desktop or smartphone – you don’t need them to run a basic website, but they enhance the experience.

Some of these tools include the ability to incorporate forums into your website, the ability to show off galleries, portfolios, and videos, and plugins to social media. You can also create forms for visitors to opt in to newsletters and information, increase the security of your site, backup your site, incorporate e-commerce, and so much more. Some of these tools are premium, meaning that you have to pay, but there are quite a few out there that are free and very useful.

These are just a few reasons that you should consider WordPress when it comes to building your site. When it comes to website building, there’s a lot to consider, from graphic design to webhost to branding, so why not make it as easy and reliable as possible? WordPress has a stellar reputation, a dedicated community, and pretty of things to check off in the “pros” column.

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