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Spark Branding Co is a small design and marketing studio that specializes in branding and creating online marketing systems.  Spark Branding Co was founded in Fresno, Ca, but is a location independent business. We help entrepreneurs and small businesses build their brand and their marketing system so business can run smoother, which allows them to have more freedom in their life. After all, that’s probably why you started a business right? To have more freedom and time to travel and enjoy life?

We believe that first impressions determine if a client or customer will stick around, and first impressions start with how your brand looks. Your system is what drives people to look at your brand, the branding design is what attracts people to read the brand message. The message is what makes people feel something and brings in the sales, but you must have your systems in place to close the deal. We help you create your logo and branding identity that attracts, your website design that collects the leads, and your sales funnels thats nurtures your leads and brings in the sales. We strategize with you to build your systems in place so you can have more freedom in your life. We also have courses and premade branding coming soon to help those who would rather do it themselves.

Simplicity is the key ultimate sophistication.

-Leonardo da Vinci


meet our creative director

& brand strategist

Leah Canseco has been creating all her life. She started designing her own blogs at the age of 12. Leah graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Graphic Design and has won many American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards for design. In 2009, she became Inbound Marketing Certified through HubSpot. She is also an avid learner and has gone through several online business courses as well as been mentored by several business coaches.

Leah absolutely loves the power of branding and marketing online. She loves helping others build a brand that they love, paired with a system that makes business run smoother. 

When Leah isn’t working, she is most likely working out, traveling the world with her husband, reading personal development, attending motivational speaking conferences, drinking coffee, hiking with her three rescued dogs, and saving pitbulls.

You can follow Leah’s adventures on Instagram.

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