In this technological age, a potential customer’s first view of a business isn’t often a storefront in Fresno, Ca or wherever your business is based, or a business card, at least not anymore. Instead, a business’s audience is primarily found online these days, and having a great website design is paramount to your success. Therefore, when it comes to redesigning your website, you want to make sure that you’ve put consideration into where to take your business next. Here are five reasons you may want to consider a new design.

Results aren’t coming in.
Maybe the website design itself (meaning graphics) is beautiful, but you’re still not getting the results that you want. In that case, the website is virtually useless, as the website should exist to build up your customer base. If that’s not happening, maybe it’s time to examine the functionality of your website – you’re not changing any of the graphic design or branding elements, instead just making modifications to the function that make it easier to use for both you and your potential customers.

Your Conversion Rate Isn’t Good
If you’re not converting visitors to leads to customers, then your website is not achieving its goal. There are a few questions you can ask yourself here, about your call-to-action, your landing pages, and your site’s overall look and feel. For example, maybe your site is too text-heavy and that’s turning customers away. On the other hand, maybe there’s not enough text.

Your Marketing Strategy Has Changed
In many cases, a company’s marketing strategy is pretty fluid. You don’t necessarily need to do a full overhaul when your goals change, but it’s a good idea to occasionally check and make sure that the website is working with your current marketing strategy. Things to consider here are how often your strategies change, and how it affects your conversion.

Functionality is Lacking
You’ve probably stumbled on sites before that have made you wonder what the company was thinking – how could a website be so difficult to use? While your site may not be terrible, it could still be less user-friendly than is effective when it comes to converting visitors to leads to customers. Visitors need to be able to find basic things on your website, like contact info, important information, and products and services. Branding can be great, but if visitors can’t access the basics, it’s ultimately useless.

Your Site is Non-Responsive
As technology advances more and more towards an “on the go” mentality, people are turning to smartphones and other devices to access the websites they need. If your site isn’t responsive to mobile devices, you’re guaranteed to be losing leads and customers. Your website not only needs to be designed for desktop and laptop users, but also users that are coming from a mobile device – this needs to be priority.

There are a lot of things that go into building a great website design. When it comes to redesigning, it’s easy to stick to the old ways – change can be scary. However, with the world changing every day, you can’t afford not to change with it.

fresno ca web design 5 reasons you should invest in a new website design

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