Branding versus marketing

Branding versus marketing

While branding and marketing are different concepts, neither can work without the other. Branding is strategic and marketing is tactical. Branding lives in the mind and is not physical or tangible. One key difference between branding and marketing; marketing tells the story and spreads the message, branding tells the customers exactly what the brand is and what makes it unique and memorable. Branding should always come before marketing.

Branding identifies core values and principles and has a mission statement. It can sum up a company’s reputation in one word. Branding works to maintain respect, admiration and value. Branding helps businesses keep clients because of the trust that was built. Branding makes a commitment to high quality, community, convenience, communication and the needs of the target audience. Branding makes promises and keeps promises. Branding must be done every day because it is who you are as a product or organization. Branding also makes the product or organization far more successful. Ask yourself these questions when trying to develop the brand;

  • Why did I build this business?
  • Why do I want to help this group of people?
  • Why does it matter to me that these things get done?
  • What kind of voice do I want to use for my brand?
  • How do I want the brand to be perceived?
  • Can I stay true to the identity of the brand throughout its existence?

Marketing helps businesses get clients. Marketing works to understand the target audience and get it interested in a particular brand. Once marketers understand who the target audience is, they can work on a brand’s marketing campaign to build their interest in a brand.

Marketing presents the brand and branding shapes the customers’ feelings towards it. Marketing outlines the benefits of the product to the customer and explains why a customer needs it. This is what gets the customer’s attention in the first place. But branding looks at customers from a long term perspective. Building loyalty is the main point of banding. Brand loyalty will ensure that customers keep paying attention to their marketing content.

It is important to use marketing to develop the branding. Marketing dictates product development, product price and how and where to promote the product. Marketing is highly focused and directed to the outside world. Marketing turns the brand’s promise into profit from interest, appeal and distinct differences in said product. Marketing is all about making money for the brand and telling the customer why one product is better than a competitors product. Marketing strategies must remain flexible because trends come and go. By being flexible, marketers can get creative about how a brand is promoted.

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