Marketing your company can be a difficult process, with many different parts that you should know in order to be successful. One of these things is to learn about the 12 branding archetypes and why they are essential to the success of your company. All of the great brands embody 12 archetypes that helps them to stand out from their competition. This will take a closer look at these 12 branding archetypes to see just what makes them so important for your business. You can take this knowledge to help with branding of your company.

Magician Magician brands are companies that are seen as insightful and logical but approachable by users. Customers turn to businesses with this type of branding because they trust the expertise that these brands have to offer. They know that you have the right advice to help them with their problems. This is an archetype that is best used by a company that is within a specialized industry that requires a lot of technical expertise that may be difficult for people to understand.

Sage When you think about sages, you immediately think of a wise person. You exude innovation to customers, but you are also accessible for customers. You can navigate that tricky balance between kindness and teaching customers about innovation. This brand does research to understand the world and try to share your knowledge with everyone that you can.

Innocent Innocence has long been synonymous with purity and trustworthiness. The same goes with innocent brands. These are brands that are created to simplify and purify the lives of their customers. These are optimistic brands that want to spread cheer and happiness to all of their customers.

Outlaw This brand archetype is all about not conforming and disobedience. Companies within this brand type want to shake up their industries by taking what doesn’t work and figuring out ways to revolutionize the way things are traditionally done. Your company is all about freedom from the establishment and want to offer this to your customers as well.

Jester Full of wit and edge, this type of brand is quite likeable by customers. Every product that comes from this company leads to the excitement of customers. Without being too bright and immature, you can get a strong but clever branding message across with this brand.

Lover The idea behind this archetype is to be an emotionally and physically attractive business for your customers. You want to create tactile experiences that will entice customers to your company. In fact, you not only want to get customers into your company, but you also want to form a lasting relationship with them.

Explorer The whole goal of these types of brands is to help their customers live a more authentic and fulfilling life. They promote adventure and experiencing new things. Most of all, they offer freedom from the boredom that effects their customer’s everyday life. Why feel trapped when you can go out on a journey? That is what this archetype represents.

Ruler The ruler brand archetype wants to create a community that is prosperous and successful. Typically luxury brands use this archetype as it conveys confidence and exclusivity that can only come with high-end products. This archetype encourages customers to have the power and confidence that they need to live the lifestyle that they desire.

Caregiver Brands within this archetype are all about helping other people out. The focus is on charity, focusing their customer’s attention not just on their needs but the needs of the community. There is an emphasis on servicing the community that is exemplified by these brands, which is what draws customers to these companies.

Hero This is all about courage and strength. Companies that exude this archetype want to help their customers take action to overcome any challenges that may be in their way. These brands want their customers to feel inspired by their messaging to overcome challenges and change the world.

Regular Guy/Girl The goal of this brand is to be approachable and relatable for their customers. The values of this company are central to who they are and this is what draws people to their company. These brands want to be accessible to the everyday person who is working hard to make it. They do not want to be left out or just, rather they just want to belong as part of the larger picture.

Creator Creativity is crucial to this brand. The goal with this archetype is to express themselves while promoting individuality amongst themselves and their customers. It is all about using art as a way to realize the vision of this company and their customers. This brand does not want to be considered “just like everyone else”. There is nothing worse to this brand than mediocrity and the lack of inspiration in their customers or their employees. Their vision needs to inspire the development of artistic skill and control.

Why does this matter? You need to know all about your company’s branding archetype so that you can create your marketing strategy around it. You need to know who you are as a company before you can let your potential customers know who you are. Your archetype effects every aspect of your marketing strategy, from the logo design to your web design scheme. Having an effective web design scheme relies on consistency that goes across all of your marketing plans. There are a lot of companies in Fresno, so finding a branding company that can help you with your marketing is going to make a huge difference. A reputable marketing company will listen to who you are as a company and what values your company represents. They will help you to determine what your branding archetype is so that you can create the perfect marketing strategy to grow your brand. The branding archetype is there to allow you to reach your customers, so it is crucial that you determine which archetype adequately represents you.

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