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You’ve taken the leap and started a business so you can have more freedom in your life. You have the vision. We have the tools to make your business profitable with design, story telling, & strategy.

it’s time to quit speaking to the masses

And start speaking to your tribe so business becomes easy and effortless because generic branding brings in non soul aligned clients who make business difficult or even worse, no clients. Let it be easy on yourself. Let’s craft your story and your visuals so you can start having a profitable business that allows you to start having more freedom in your life.

what we do


Brand & Visual Identity

We’ll design a custom logo and branding identity guide that speaks your brand so you can stand out and be memorable.

Brand Photography

We’ll take a branded lifestyle shoot for you and your business so that you can always use it for your marketing materials.

Collateral Design

We’ll design collateral material that supports your brand such as magazine design, event design, and product packaging design.

Web Design

We’ll take your story and your brand identity and visually tell your message on a digital platform so that you can attract your soulmate clients.

Business Coaching

We’ll come up with your game plan and uplevel your mindset. You’ll learn how to scale your business that allows you to make more money while having more freedom.

about us

Spark Branding Co. was founded in sunny Fresno, Ca by adventurous entrepreneur and multi award-winning graphic designer, Leah Canseco. Spark Branding Co. is a location independent company and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses establish their brand through story telling, visuals, and online marketing.

Our team is made up of creatives who believe in living life through their zone of genius. Rest assured, you are working with the best creatives who know what is working in marketing today.

need asap?

We know that sometimes you just want to launch now and can’t wait for a custom design. That’s why we also have the option of chosing our premade identity design.

what they’re saying

Here is what our clients have to say!
Leah was able to create the cutest brand identity for my business that actually made sense. She really listened to what I was saying and was able to capture the essence of both my biz and my soul mate clients. Thank you, Leah! Devandy Walbridge

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach , Devandy V

Leah has a way of getting down to the core of what you need in order to stand out in a sea of sameness and differentiate yourself so you can attract your dream soul mate client! Loved our deep dive session that helped me understand that having a cohesive branding kit is vital to consumer recognition + my success, crushed it! Camille Davis

Creator & Owner, Daily Courage

I had an amazing call with Leah! She was super helpful with how I should make my brand cohesive across social media, and how to use social effectively so that my brand stands out. Love her energy! Gina Day Woodward

Wellness Coach

Leah and I had a half an hour branding session where she helped me get started on my main message. In these begining stages of my business I have been obsessive about following frameworks, coming up with lists, tasks, etc. My main belief in life is that we are limitless. Life comes to us as we manifest it, every step of the way, and we are beings of free will to change it at any point in time. My life has been a story of how I got to what I am doing today. It was through serrendipity after serendipity that I have come to realize my own light. While developing a message for a business that wishes to cultivate personal development and awareness in others, to help them see their own talents, and attain lifestyle freedom, I have come up with my slogan, “Freedom doesnt come in a box!”and to not limit my own self in the process. Talking to Leah was full of giggles. She understood my story pretty instantly and allowed me to come to my own realizations in an empowering and joyful way. I love her energy of empowerment and I truly appreciate the powerful epiphany during our session! Marina Alexeeva


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